Friday, February 10, 2006

Lie to Me, and Tell Me Everything will be Alright

Until just a couple days ago, it has been an absolute no-no to state concerns that maybe, just maybe, Borland management wasn't all that interested in the IDE products anymore. Any such comment in public (such as in the non-tech newsgroup) was greeted with calls to tar-and-farher you as a pessimist-defeatist who just wanted to badmouth Delphi - even if your comments were out of care and genuine concern for Delphi.

Two days ago then it made "snap", and the official line changed (and, as a loyal and faithful Borland ^H^H^H^H^H^H^H Delphi user, you better adopt the new party line, asap): Borland announced that it indeed is planning to sell Delphi (and all the other non-vapor-ware "IDE" products). And of course the very same Borlanders, and very same newsgroup regulars that were readying the tar pit for you just a few days ago, are now doing the "happy dance" and proclaiming that Borland dropping off it's IDE business to whoever might be stupid enough to buy it is the best thing since sliced bread for Delphi. What's more, it's actually en vogue to bash Borland management, now.

So, is everyone happy? Of course not. It's quite obvious to anyone with even a remote bit of business sense that this leaves the future for Delphi & Co quite uncertain and bleak, since at this time no-one knows who might buy the product line, or as a matter of fact, what their intentions with it might be. For all we know, the products could be bought by someone who wants to simply milk them for the last drop of cash and let them die. Or take them into completely new directions. Or just get rid of them altogether. Or buy the line just to get their hands on - say - JBuilder and drop the rest.

But, you might have expected, any mentioning of such concerns in the newsgroups will of course be brandmarked as defeatist pessimism again. After all, the tar pit is still hot, so why not make use of it.

The Borlanders on the newsgroup are quick to ascertain that - of course - the Borland board of directors has no intention of just selling the IDE division to the highest bidder. Oh no! A board of directors looking out only for the interestes of the shareholder and maximum profit? - That's unheard of! Well, maybe not unheard of, but certainly Borland wouldn't do that; we can trust them*. How dare anyone even entertain such an idea? No, the board of directors' main goal - we are being told - is the interest of the Delphi customers, to find a buyer that will "stay true to Delphi". Of course.

Yeah right. For anyone who believes that is going to happen, i have - as the saying goes - this bridge in Brooklyn that you might be interested in...

So, in summary, while everything changed in Borland two days ago, nothing has changed. The rosy sunglasses are still up. We're still pretending everything will be alright (even it's yet again a slightly different alright then just a few days earlier, and a quite contradictory one at that), as we did the last umpteen times when Borland turned around and said "Oh, you know what? You were right when you complained the last few months. We lied to you. Thru our teeth. But we've seen the light now. We're doing what's best for you, now. Trust us. Would we lie to you?

(*Wait a minute. didn't you just finally come out and say the Borland board does not care about Delphi, have not for a long time, and that for this reason you're happy they are finally selling Delphi? And now you say we should trust them to care for Delphi enough to sell it to Mister Right? And what do you mean by "never mind i'm not making any sense; just trust me, you goddamn pessimist!"?)