Sunday, May 16, 2004

Borland Product Activation

It's rant time.

While preparing a new beta build of our upcoming poduct, it hits me that a good idea might be to bring the Borland C#Builder project files that we include with the installer up to date. So i fire up C#B, which i thankfully didn't have to touch in months, and what happens? Any guesses? Yes, our friend the "Registration Wizard" pops up to make my day. Just when i started to miss that friendly little guy.

Reluctantly, i cancel it, figuring since i activated C#B ca 378 times before, i might get away with it this time, but no luck: i get a friendly message from the License Manager that "No valid license information" can found.

Ok, running the registration Wizard again. Digging out my "Licensed Software.xls" file. Copy/pasting the serial number. Sending... "Your community account cannot be found". Double-checking 3 times. No avail. No C#Builder for me, today :-(

Go figure.

Luckily, using C#Builder doesn't matter to me that much, so opening the .bdsproj in notepad and adjusting it there will do. But imagine those poor fellows that actually rely on it to develop...


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