Monday, May 31, 2004


Random selection from my DVD library provided Antitrust (2001) as the movie for tonight.

It's a very fun movie. Nice score. Nice cast. And it's of course utterly pathetic in it's try to propagate Open Source and vilify as the one big evil software corporation. But just Nurv. All the others are good, and Sun's Scott McNealy - who we see handing some price to one of the protagonists in one scene - isn't a bad greedy monopolis as Bill...i mean...Gary Winston (awesomely played by Tim Robbins). Of course not. He's not just out to reap the benefits of what open source is laying in his lap. No Sir. The world is just so much easier if it's black and white.

What ticks me off about Open Source Freaks (aka Penguins) is that they take a perfectly great and honorable concept (yes, the big bad C word), and just utterly and completey fail to understand it. Thinking they can apply it to just one nice market (and software, of all things). Right to basic needs for living, nourishment and health care? Fuck that. We love america and we love capitalism. But sourcecode! Hey, that has to be free for everyone. What kind of world would we be living in, otherwise?


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